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Many students of tantra are confused about how much of an authentic tantra massage is really. This is understandable, because there are a large amount of false operators available hoping to pander to people's baser instincts. They aspire to sell a 'erotic massage' under this banner. There is no secrete that tantra is a very marketable concept; couple it with the word 'massage' and you have an apparently unbeatable sales proposition.

To start with, one needs to clarify the difference between an erotic massage and a tantra massage. An erotic massage is made to arouse the client sexually, and it frequently involves the manipulation of sexual organs. There is nothing more to it. The attraction of these a 'service' can be imagined. However, this isn't tantra massage.

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A tantric massage, on the other hand, primarily targets your state of health and wellbeing. The truth that sexual wellbeing is part of the overall health paradigm is factored in and focused on - but sexual gratification is not the main focus of a tantra massage. Rather, it's a method of using sensual touch within an ancient ritual that connects two people whatsoever levels. Additionally, it allows the recipient's mind to be free of the usual mundane processes that occupy it throughout a normal day, and also to enter a spiritual plane.

When done by an expert who has been trained by a skilled tantra teacher, tantric massage has definite physical benefits. Your body is able to absorb and process oxygen more proficiently, and blood flow improves dramatically. Importantly, your body is able to rid itself of the muscular tensions which are both symptoms and causes of stress. As the tantra massage progresses, many portals that were previously shut start to open. The portal of sexual intimacy is among them.

Whenever a proper, ritual-based tantric massage is administered by one loving partner to a different, it can bring them closer in lots of ways. To begin with, the recipient isn't in 'performance' mode - he or she must relax and 'receive' pleasure. This really is therapeutic. If done consistently, having the ability to receive in such a manner can heal many rifts of spirit and psyche that impede love and intimacy.

By the same coin, the partner performing the tantra massage has got the opportunity to transmit pleasurable feelings without expecting exactly the same in exchange. Quite simply, she or he learns to provide without reservations or expectations - and this ability is so integral to healthy relationship.

If you want to know more concerning the healing powers of tantra massage, speak to a proficient tantra master. There is no reason you should deny yourself - and your partner - this wonderful, spiritual experience.

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