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The state US unemployment figure is 8.2% by June 2012 though some experts believe it might be up to 12%. Credit debt in the United States is a few $803 billion which fits out at around $6,700 per household. Consequently, millions of Americans are searching for ways to make cash fast. The quicker the better as far as they're concerned. Although you are unlikely to become listed on the existing 12 million millionaires worldwide (though this stat varies widely), here are some tips that can improve your bank balance within hours.

eBay Browse around your house. You are certain to have toys, electronics, books, DVD's, CD's and more which are no longer being used. eBay is the perfect vessel for someone eager to make quick cash. There is an estimated consumer base of 233 million and that means you are almost certain to make money. The incredible stream of traffic on the website could be either a blessing or a curse however. On one hand, you've got a number of buyers ready to pay you immediately. Unfortunately, you will also have stiff competition which means you'll need to sell your wares for under what you consider they're worth. If you're inside a tight financial spot however, you may not have a choice.

Bake Sale With processed food the norm nowadays as most individuals are too busy to cook at home, holding a bake sale remains a great way to make quick cash. You'll be surprised at how many individuals will clamor for home cooked food. Apple pies and bread always drop well at such sales.

Sperm Donation Believe it or not, this is a possible way to create cash! If you are a proper male, the whole process is fairly straightforward and the average payment is $40. In California, you will probably make around $65 per donation.

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Medical Tests Although this market is laden with horror stories, the risk from to be the subject of tests is actually relatively low. It's not unusual for test patients to emerge with a clean bill of health insurance and $250 for any day's work.

Dog Walking One other popular way to earn money, dogs need to be walked and there are lots of busy professionals willing to pay someone else to get it done. Even though the pay is hardly spectacular (perhaps $10 an hour or so), it's a great way to get some exercise and funds for those who have little else to complete.

Be A web-based Juror Some people hate the idea of jury duty, it turns out that you can earn as much as $10 for a 35 minute session like a juror online as lawyers are always looking for individuals to enable them to test some theories.

Store Cards As your wallet is already full of various cards, loyalty cards offering discounts could be left towards the bottom of a drawer. If you locate one of those cards or request a new one, you might find a host of unused credit card reward points which could result in dollars.

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