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Safety non-slip tape is a valuable product used for many areas of walking surfaces. Certified high traction anti slip materials are a buyer's best chance to reduce dangerous slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace and avoid catastrophic hazards in public areas when they are used appropriately. There are several products to choose from, all with unique features that are engineered with every possible scenario in mind. Understanding the requirements of your application and which tapes fit the bill will help you to turn your best intentions into reality.

Commercial Grade

Commercial grade non-skid grit tapes are designed for most general purpose areas. Choosing non slip materials made of silicon carbide grit will ensure a long lasting indoor or outdoor application. Look for manufacturers who offer a wide range of stock sizes as well as custom, in order to find the perfect fit for your anti-skid needs. Commercial grade tapes are used to reduce the likelihood of accidents on steps, stairs, platforms, ladders, and scaffolds. There are several specialized areas where they also come in handy, including farm machinery, recreational vehicles, and construction equipment. The commercial grade is basically your all-in-one source for safer walking surfaces, provided your manufacturer offers the latest technology in high traction protection. The longevity of tapes will also be a determining factor of how often they need to be replaced, meaning how much they will cost to maintain your safe environment.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty products are designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. This depends greatly on the environmental requirements of the area, more specifically the amount of foot traffic that will be expected. Farm machinery, construction equipment, and recreational vehicles also fall into this category, if they are being used for major jobs with several employees, or someone is enjoying their new ATV (all-terrain vehicle) to the fullest extent. Public transportation areas, such as airline decks, cargo holds, trains, and buses require heavy duty products due to the extreme volume of people boarding on and off, around the clock. Exposure to frequent wet or oily substances can also wear on standard grade non slip materials, which is why automotive repair shops and boat loading docks benefit greatly from using these higher quality tapes. It is always best to be aware of the circumstances of any application, in order to find a high traction product that will realistically measure up to the challenge.

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